Perscilla gets naughty at the car wash


Being a fashion photographer doesn’t pay enough for me to get rich but I do ok and money goes a lot farther down in South America than it does in the States…. So once in a while I do like to treat myself to my own fetish fun and this time I figured I would bring you along and show you what you can get for less than twenty bucks these days. I had Prescilla stop by the studio and head out back to where my car was parked. She covered the car with soapy suds and then started bathing herself in bubbles as well. Maybe it’s because I love cars, maybe it’s because I love women – it’s probably a bit of both… but seeing her tight coed body bent over and scrubbing the rims on my new ride, it’s more than enough to make a fellow smile, that’s for sure. Click here to see more.

Karla is wet and wild


Karla Spice loves to role play. She’s in that awkward stage between being a coed and being a mature sex symbol and sometimes the nerd in her pops out… especially when she has some new costumes to play with. Today I gave her this amazing turquoise bikini and she starts jumping out and down (which was excellent to watch by the way heh) but anyway she runs into the other room and takes out this big necklace and some body oils and starts telling me she wants to be an Amazon princess for today. I laughed a little and told her that’s fine as long as she can be the sexiest damn Amazon princess anyone has ever seen! The water glistened on her body and the mood she got her mind in worked perfectly. Sometimes as a photographer you need to make things happen… other times, like today you just need to be in the moment to capture the amazing performance of one of the world’s sexiest nude models! Click here to see more.

Natalie cools off by stripping


Unlike most of the babes that perform on Pacino’s World, Natalie is not a native of Latin America. She grew up in the States and her family moved South when she was young. That’s probably how she developed a personality with a rare mixture of Latina flamboyance and American attitude. This was supposed to be a topless scene but Natalie said something in her soul ‘clicked’ because of the glamorous location and being outside in the sun somewhere she felt comfortable and at peace. Before I knew what was happening she was pulling her panties aside and showing EVERTHING! Natalie definitely has the kind of youthful charm and surprising sense of candor that we look for in all our nude models! Click here to see more.

Alicia has Nice Perky Milk cans


My job definitely doesn’t suck. I never would have imagined I would be searching the most exotic locations in the world to bring you the freshest and hottest Latina babes on the Internet today. If you find you’re tired of the same old has-beens you really need to log on and check out my crew. Alicia is no exception to that rule. I found Alicia on accident one morning as I stopped to get a cup of joe at a local cafe. Alicia was working at the cafe to put herself through kitten school. You could tell she takes pride in her appearance because she had the smoothest most porcelain skin I’ve ever seen. Alicia is a natural beauty in every sense of the word. She doesn’t need a lot of make up and special lighting to make her look good. Her all natural “C” cups can attest to that as well. Alicia is full of surprises though. Innocent on the outside, she came over in the hottest pair of fuck me pumps I’ve ever seen! When she pops her ass out and pulls those shoes back she will have you wanting to make an appointment with her right away! Click here to see more.

Karla and Ary get to know eachother


I love shooting with Karla and Ary. Not only are these two kittens super glamorous, but they can’t ever seem to get enough of each other when they are together! I can’t say I blame them. These two Latina beauties are as close to flawless as you can get. Both babes just turned eighteen so they still have that, “life is so much fun” attitude and it shows in their shoots. They get so into each other with the touching and feeling they don’t listen to a damn thing I say. There isn’t much more I can say about this shoot other than check out what happens when Karla and Ary get within ten feet of each other! You won’t want to miss this.Click here to see more.

Pamela looks awesome in denim!


Pamela Spice is one of the cutest eighteen-year-old stars we have ever had the pleasure of shooting. If you saw Pamela on the street you would never think she had such a naught streak running through her veins. When we first decided to work with her we thought she would be shy and inhibited, but wow were we wrong! Pamela is a horny little vixen! I think she must have a g-spot the size of a volleyball up in there because she cums with such a ferocity I’m surprised the toys don’t shoot out of her snatch and across the room. On top of that, she loves to play naught with all her nice-looking friends. Nothing is off limits when Pamela Spice spices things up. Give Pamela the chance to show you how naughty this little beauty can be. Click here to see more.

Two is Always Better than One!


You don’t need glasses and you are not seeing double. We have scored big time with these two and yes they are TWINS!!! Meet Elana and her twin sister. Both cuties are enrolled in a local community college and they decided to do a shoot with us to help pay for next semesters books. These hotties are intelligent, driven and have exactly the same stay hard nipples as each other. These sisters are so close that they know just how to move and pose with each other. They are like music in motion. Needless to say we had a really pretty scene with these two. They were up for a lot of nifty poses and you have to check out the photo where they have each other’s bikini bottom straps in each other’s mouths. Twins are double the pleasure, double the fun. Click here to see more!

Karla is one with nature!


I can’t say enough about Karla. She is one of our favorite models to shoot. She is so pretty and so full of spunk that it’s just always a killer session. On this particular day Karla called me and wanted to do a session. She had changed her hair color and told me she was feeling wild. She gave me the location to meet her at and I had no idea what to expect. Well it was worth it. Karla came out in this she-woman of the jungle little number and it was hot. The top barely covered her milk cans and her nipples kept popping right out of the thing. On top of that, the bottom piece rode right up her ass so that her cheeks devoured the thin piece of material. I wanted to be that thong in the worst way and bury my face in her ass like that. Karla knows how to get it done and she is one model not to be missed. Click here to see more.

Twin Rockers!


We’ve really cooked up somethin’ special for you guys today. On a recent trip to Venezuela I came across these two babes hanging out at the local mall. These two twins were the center of attention and they weren’t even trying. All eyes were on them and I knew I had to have them in a shoot. They agreed and the rest is history. Combine a little naughty with a little nice and you have the spice twins. These girls share more than just their killer asses and succulent milk cans. Always up for a good time, these hotties have swapped boyfriends on occasion just to see what a good time in bed the other is having! And being that one is blonde and the other is brunette the guys are in the know! Hey, when you look as good as these beauties why not share the wealth. If everyone had the same attitude the world would be a better place. Spice twins power activates! Click here to see more.

Karla and her round ass!

0814.jpg If you are Karla Spice fan you owe it to yourself and mankind to check out these exclusive video updates. Karla is one of our favorite models and if you log onto this site you will quickly see why. For a beauty of just eighteen she really knows how to make love to the camera. She can be shy, coy, sultry and playful all at the same time. When she flashes you that seductive little smile you know she is trying to look like and innocent little skool babe but you know behind that cute little smile she is thinking about how badly she would love to ride a nice hard weenie. Karla is one of our top exclusive models and you won’t see these fresh pics and vids anywhere else. Karla said she picked out this blue and black panty set because she knew it would drive her fans wild so don’t disappoint her. Log on and show Karla some special love. Click here to see more.